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"Plato" is the brand name associated with all of our products that make use of ANPR ( Automated Number Plate Recognition ).


"Plato-Strict-Access" is an access control interface system used where a high level of security is required in order to allow access.

In general access control at the premises gate is always a trade-off between security and time spent at the gate. If it is adequate to use only ANPR ( number plate recognition ) in order to allow access, then Plato-BookAVisitor or Plato-Silent-Access is a better option.


"Plato-Strict-Access" is a system which integrates all options of security into the access point. The user will define the access control requirements and the system will be customized ( unlocked ) to provide these features. 

Typical industries would be correctional services, mining, banking etc. 

The service that we offer makes use of 3rd party scanning systems. Our software integrates the devices to provide the required solution.

Please let us know your requirement and we will be in touch to provide a proposal and quotation.


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